Wavestorm Expedition Costco Closeout
Wavestorm Expedition Costco Closeout

Wavestorm®, creators of the number one soft surfboard worldwide, presents a completely fine tuned and fun 9ft6 stand up paddle board which includes an adjustable paddle for beginning flat water and entry-level stand up paddle surfing activity. Featuring a strong foam water resistant core and high density rigid polyurethane slick bottom for strength and buoyancy covered with WBS-IXL (water barrier skin) cross link deck skin. The patented graphic technology in the graphic skin won’t fade or rub away. Includes all the features of a well rounded stand up paddle board with adjustable and removable 9” flat water fin, cross hair accessory storage strap, balanced soft handle grip, pre-installed leash plug with removable ankle leash, and adjustable length paddle that adjusts from 175cm to 215cm (5ft9 to 7ft1).

Wavestorm® 9ft6in SUP Board 1426290

Board Material: Expanded polystyrene foam core with three marine ply stringers, foam crosslink deck, high density polyethylene slick bottom, aluminum paddle with polypropylene blade.


• Superior molded foam core with three coated stringers for rigidity

• Water barrier skin (WBS) deck for a soft user-friendly experience

• Graphic deck with U.V. inhibitors to maintain color

• Textured deck pads for improved grip

• Textured tail pad area for improved grip

• High density polyethylene slick bottom for increasing rigidity

• Centered carrying handle for improved balance while transporting

• Accessory strap for holding items

• Adjustable paddle from 175cm to 215cm


Overall Board Length: 114in

Overall Board Width: 32.81in

Overall Thickness: 4.4in

Overall Board Weight: 25.13lbs

Recommended Maximum Rider Weight: 300lbs

MFG Model #: SP9099