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To find Costco’s not-so-secret closeout code simply search for items with a price ending in 7. You typically get a good deal at Costco but if you see a price ending in .97 – chances are you’re getting a great deal. #SearchFor7s!


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We visit Costco once or twice a week.  When we find something interesting we’ll post about it here.  Bookmark this page, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know.

The Search For 7’s

Costco’s .97 Secret

You can take the #SearchFor7s program a step further. If the Costco .97 price card also has an asterisk in the top right corner that means what you see is all that’s left, there is no backstock for that item.  So, this could be your last chance to purchase the item at a clearance price, and it’s probably as low as the price will go.

If the Costco Clearance .97 tag doesn’t have an asterisk you might want to roll the dice and watch it over the following weeks to see if the price drops a bit more.

These are the closeouts and general deals that catch our eye in Charlottesville, Virginia. We #SearchFor7s!

*Disclaimer: These deals may not be available in all areas and we are in no way affiliated with Costco Corporate.
Costco Closeouts and Discounts

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Every once in a while we’ll post about prepared food products we’ve tried, or recipes using some of Costco’s incredible meats, seafoods, and salads.